Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley: Emmys Reunion After Elvis Drama

So, check this out—Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley hit the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards together, putting all that family drama in the rearview. Riley scored a nomination for Best Actress, but Ali Wong snagged the win for Beef. Let’s rewind a bit to catch you up on the family saga and how they patched things up.

Elvis Estate Drama: The Lowdown

Last year, things got a bit wild in the Presley-Keough clan over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. Riley, along with her twin sisters Harper and Finley, inherited the legendary Graceland and more when Lisa Marie passed in January 2023. Cue the legal showdown: Priscilla filed a challenge to Lisa Marie’s will, questioning a 2016 change that booted her as a co-trustee, bringing in Riley and her late brother, Benjamin Keough.

Heated Dispute to Family Harmony

Fast forward to April, and Entertainment Tonight spilled the tea that the whole thing had the family on shaky ground. Riley was reportedly “deeply upset.” But hey, May brought good vibes – a settlement agreement was reached. A source told Us Weekly that Riley and Priscilla found common ground, ending the stress. Priscilla clarified to Entertainment Tonight that there was never a lawsuit against Riley, and the family was pleased with how they resolved things.

Riley Takes the Estate, Priscilla Takes a Mil

By October, the deal was sealed – Riley became the sole trustee of the estate and the proud owner of Graceland. Priscilla stepped down as trustee, bagging a cool $1 million in the process. It’s like they say, money talks, drama walks.

Emmys Fashion and Feel-Good Moments

Cut to the Emmys, and Riley and Priscilla strutted down the silver (not red) carpet, rocking matching Chanel black dresses. Riley’s been a Chanel house ambassador since October, by the way. In a quick chat with Entertainment Tonight, she spilled that having Priscilla by her side was “very special.” Family vibes all around. Riley, her grandmother, and her hubby, Ben Smith-Petersen, were living their best life at the event.

Riley’s Take on the Reunion

So, what’s Riley’s scoop on having Priscilla at the Emmys? Well, she spilled to Kevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight that it felt “very special.” With her grandmother and hubby by her side, she was feeling the love and luck. Family support, you know?

And that’s a wrap on the Emmy night reunion – drama in the past, matching Chanel outfits in the present, and family vibes all around.